Sunwise Canoe Sunglasses

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If you’re into your watersports and forever losing your sunglasses to the water, Sunwise Floating Polarised models are designed with you in mind.

Canoe Silver floats in water and is fitted with polarised to protect your eyes from any reflected light and are treated so they can clear water instantly off the lens surface, giving you maxium vision and protection at all times.

Sunwise® Polarised lenses include a filter that will reduce the amount of reflected light noticeable on surfaces such as water, snow and concrete. Ideal for drivers, skiers and anyone spending time around water.

All Sunwise Sunglasses have high quality optical lenses giving 100% UVA & UVB ultraviolet rays protection.

Sun protection key


1-Low Light

2-Medium Sunlight

3-Strong Sunlight

4-Extreme Sunlight