Opro Mouthguard-Ortho Gold

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The world’s largest supplier of custom mouthguards, all OPROshield™ models introduce the patented OPROfin™ retention system which gives the OPROshield™ the best retention (fit) performance of any self-fit mouthguard in the world. The highly technological cross-sectional profile present in all the range means maximum protection against front and concussive blows whilst keeping the palate clear for improved breathing and speech.

The OPROshield™ is the world’s most advanced self-fit mouthguard.

The Opro Ortho Gold Mouthguard is specifically designed for wearers of fixed braces taking part in contact sports.

The tough outer shell provides superior protection, while the unique inner channel houses the orthodontic appliance.

Tough outer shell.
Extra soft lining with 11 high flow, self-forming fins.