Aero P2 Lower Body Protector (Stripper) L/H

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Strippers™ design is an integrated system which protects both the upper and lower thighs, around the inner groin, the hip bone as well as part of the buttocks. It's why aero has a “lower body protector” rather than just thigh guards. Strippers™ use the best materials – 3D moulded high impact plastics, multiple closed-cell foam combinations and user friendly, antibacterial polyester mesh.

The Lower Body Protector is designed to integrate with our Leg Protectors in a completely natural way making the whole combination up to 9% faster between the wickets. You'll run as though you're not wearing thigh guards at all!

  • Integrity of the EVA foam and PE hi-impact plastic remains after repeated ball strikes

  • Foam padding inserts can be removed and replaced if and when required

  • A quick-dry polyester fabric used on the Strippers™ is easy to wash and stops mould build-up from sweating or offseason storage

  • Multiple layers of 10mm EVA 70 & 10mm EVA 30 foams.

Lower body protectors ("strippers") measure from the middle of the knee cap to the top of the hip (pelvic) bone - the strippers have a dual waist adjustment so the most important sizing measurement is the knee to hip bone one not the waist measurement-

Small - 48-51cm

(Mens) Medium 52-56cm

Large 57-61cm

XL 62- 65cm