Opro Mouthguard Gold-Youth

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 Gold mouthguard comes with our very own fitting cradle that makes the fitting process effortless.
Competition-level fit and comfort: Anatomically-positioned fins mould to each individual tooth as you bite down, providing a bespoke fit for easy breathing and speaking, with no need to fiddle with position or keep taking your guard out.
Antimicrobial protection: Your mouthguard is protected with an antimicrobial additive and case for the life of your guard - minimizing any risk of illness or infection.
Peace of mind: Our Gold mouthguard is legally CE certified and comes with a comprehensive dental warranty worth up to £15,000.
Fits up to age 10.
  • Competition level protection
  • Latex free
  • Easy to fit
  • Safe and secure fit
  • Up to £15,000 worth of dental warranty