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The ladies dry weather OBG Latex Palm Leather glove is made from top quality leather and features latex across the whole palm of the glove to give fantastic grip potential in dry conditions. The top quality leather will stretch and mould to the hand giving you a comfortable and uniquely fitted glove. It has elasticated wrist & knuckle bands for flexing and comfort and an adjustable Velcro fastener to aid a custom fit. Ventilation holes between each finger fold and on the back of the thumb & fingers are to aid air circulation. The glove has been introduced following the success of the finger latex leather glove, which was the first and original specifically, designed bowls glove and from which the company name is derived. As with all our gloves it comes in a handy re-usable, re-sealable PVC envelope.


  • Wrap a tape measure around your knuckle.

  • Make a fist.

  • Read the measurement.

  • Find your approximate size from the chart.

No two hands are the same and finger lengths differ from male to female but remember that the glove needs to be a snug fit

Ladies Gloves Mens Gloves
SMALL: 6 3/4" - 7 ¼"
MEDIUM: 8 3/4"- 9 ¼"

MEDIUM: 7 ¼" - 7 3/4"

LARGE: 9 ¼"- 9 3/4"
LARGE: 7 3/4"- 8 ¼"
X.LARGE: 9 3/4"- 10 ¼"
X.LARGE: 8 ¼" - 8 3/4"
XX.LARGE: 8 3/4"- 9 ¼"