Kookaburra Kahuna 300

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The 2010 Kahuna range features the strongest designs and attributes to date.

Designed for the powerful dominating strokemaker - endorsed by Ricky Ponting.

The high spine and big edges gives this bat a huge hitting area that relishes the English conditions.

Bigger sweet spot - exclusive feature to the Kahuna range - intimidating swell of the blade helps develop an increased effective hitting area.

Dynamic Power shaped face.

12 piece Power Drive Sarawk cane handle with oval shaping.

Naturally air dried for increased performance and durability.

Hand crafted by master bat maker.

Kookaburra Pre Prepared - reduces knocking in time before use, but additional knocking in is still required.

New lime coloured Max grip for secure top hand grip and flexibility of players bottom hand.

The Kahuna 300 model is made from selected unbleached, English willow - suitable for use in quality club cricket.

Weight range: 2lb 7oz to 2lb 12oz