Kookaburra Blaze 900 Batting Gloves

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Profile Grade 2 Protection
Palm Super soft calf leather with Kookaburra Max Flo Protection
Back Premium Mesh
Fingers Rounded Shark Tooth HDF with reinforced fibre protection chambers
Side Bottom Hand - 1 Piece HDF
Thumb 2 Piece rounded Shark Tooth HDF with 1 rounded fibre insert
Flex Combi Penta & Quad Flex with Shark Tooth intersections.
Lining Super Soft Brushed Cotton with foam soft fill
Gusset Airflow mesh
Wrist 50mm single sided towel with hook & loop fastening

Calf leather is very durable which makes it ideal for the rigours of modern cricket, it is also incredibly supple with outstanding traction.
Strategically positioned ventilation holes throughout the palm and fingers wick moisture away allowing consistent grip during play
Ergonomically positioned ‘shark tooth’ flex joints in the finger rolls give players immense comfort and maximum protection at the crease
Durable fibre inserts within the finger rolls offer unrivalled impact protection and instantly dissipate shock throughout the glove
Lightweight breathable mesh that enables air flow throughout the entire glove, enabling moisture dispersal and maximising feel.