Kookaburra Blaze 700 Cricket Bat S/H

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Developed exclusively with Lancashire and England’s Jos Buttler, Blaze is the most exciting range Kookaburra have ever introduced. The ‘pro preferred’ full profile
and striking graphics compliment each other to create a bat ideal for shots all around the wicket in every format of the game.

Sweet Spot Mid Blade (195mm to 215mm from toe)
Edge Profile Slightly Rounded
Face Profile Dynamic Power Slightly Rounded
Spine Profile Super Spine (62 to 67mm)
Scallop Slight Concave (1-2mm)
Bow Mid/Low Blade (10-14mm)
Handle Cushioned Round Powerdrive
Grip Players
Weight Range 2lbs 8 1/2 oz - 2lbs 11 1/2oz